Caleb Omotunde World’s Most Intriguing Festivals

Caleb Omotunde says each country has its own customs and traditions, including festivals. What may seem usual for some cultures is rather weird or curious for others. Here are some of the Caleb Omotunde’s most intriguing or interesting festivals around the world.

The Crucifixion in San Fernando, PHILIPPINES

One of the weirdest and most disturbing festivals takes place in the town of San Fernando, the Philippines. Each year, in the Friday before Easter, men and women reenact the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Famadihana (“Turning the Bones”), MADAGASCAR

This festival of the Malagasy population in Madagascar has cultural origins, rather than religious and involves taking out the bones of dead relatives from their graves and wrapping them again.

Days of the Dead, MEXICO

This Mexican festival takes place in various locations around the country and involves people celebrating their dead. This is not uncommon; what is different is the fact that this festival is joyful.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, INDONESIA

This is not by all means your regular vegetarian festival. It is rather viewed as a way to clean your spirit and body.


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