Caleb Omotunde – Travel tips

“My name is Caleb Omotunde and my birthday is October 31. My nick name Mr. Cologne. I graduated from University of Arizona and my dream is to become a pilot. I love to travel around the world is to learn new things. It expands my ideas that how all the things around world are done. I travel for the sense of adventure that comes with the experience. For me travel is to go and enjoy where and when I want. I enjoy spending my time and money travelling on my best places. It is the most rewarding thing in life to go out for adventure or visiting a place after a tiresome schedule at work. Also another Idea to travel around the world is that I am connoisseur of restaurants, here are millions of restaurants around the world but I want to find top restaurants according to my choice. I’ve found a few and looking for more.”

This interest is shared by Caleb Omotunde, he loves to travel and shares tips for the people who love to travel.

First of all Caleb says “ if you want to travel a place collect as much as information you can.”

Before you depart get the photocopies of your documents, tickets etc. it may help at times.

you need to research on the weather or climate of the place so you know which type of clothes to bring and don’t expose your jewels and money it saves you from pick pockets and from more this kind of accidents.

Once you have all these things ready, then you have to do only one thing.. just enjoy your travel.


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